Discovery Channel Accident

640_discovery_channel_logo_discoveryRecently a lawsuit was filed against the Discovery Channel.  During the filming of a pilot of a new series (Brother in Arms) a contestant was hit by a pyrotechnic device. The contestant unfortunately did not survive and the accident.  It appears that there were no permits to use pyrotechnics during filming, and also sounds like the device that caused the death was illegal and untested.  Accidents like this can be prevented!

Whenever you are doing proximit fireworks test every device.  Follow local laws and regulations, and obtain the proper permits.  No one’s life is worth cutting corners.


APA Responds to Boston Bombing

The American Pyrotechnics Association(APA) recently sent out a press release regarding the Boston Bombing. Recently it was discovered that one of the bomber had purchased consumer grade fireworks.  The APA sets the record straight, that these fireworks could not have been used in the bombings.

Full Text From Business Wire

BETHESDA, Md.–()–In response to the intense media interest surrounding the consumer firework devices purchased in Seabrook, NH by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that have been implicated as a possible source of explosive material used in the tragic Boston bombings, the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) issues the following information to help the general public better understand its products and how they are regulated as well as provide some facts to clarify a number of misstatements made by the media in covering this investigation.

“The fireworks industry is heavily regulated by multiple U.S. federal regulatory agencies in addition to state and Continue reading

New Show, Pyros on the Weather Channel

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I was very excited to see a new show about professional pyrotechnicians, but I have to say I was more then a bit surprised by the channel it’s on.  The Weather Channel is making an 8 episode series about pyros working around the world in various conditions.  Looking forward to seeing this show.  Check out the description below and link to the shows webpage.

From the Weather Channel Website


“Pyros” follows an elite team of pyro-technicians, led by Maude Furtado, at Montreal’s Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman who battle greatly varying weather conditions while producing large-scale fireworks displays around the world. The group travels to exotic locations, powering through exhausting schedules and harsh weather, solving complex technical glitches on the fly, all with the intention to inspire and entertain the masses with the magic of fireworks. With tens of thousands of dollars on the line and hundreds of thousands of people expecting stunning skies, the group has no room for error. Whether it’s lighting off a fully loaded fireworks site by remote, trying to control explosions in wind just steps away from a crowded parade route, or the stress of setting up over 10 shows in one day, “Pyros” shows what it takes to play with fire and not get burned in the process. Produced by Omni Film Productions Ltd. (“Ice Pilots”), “Pyros” will feature 8x 60-minute episodes and premieres Tuesday, June 19, at 9 p.m. ET. ”

Pyros on the Weather Channel