About Pyro Geeks

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Pyrogeeks, Richie Schut, and anyone else associated with this website are not responsible for your own safe conduct.  Please use common sense.  Some or all of these activities my be illegal at your location, please check with your local jurisdiction having authority.

About Pyrogeeks
The goals for this website are:

  1. Become a resource for all levels of entertainment pyrotechnicians(not pyro for constructive or destructive reasons)
  2. A place to share information as we learn more about our art form
  3. To provide some extra income for my family

About Richie Schut

I started working with entertainment pyrotechnics in 2009 when I opened a fireworks tent in my home town, as a franchise with a nationally known brand.  In 2010 was my first taste of working with display fireworks, which I quickly found to be very addictive.