’s Ask Phantom

Recently Phantom Fireworks has been requesting questions from their fans on twitter and facebook for a new “Ask The Phantom” feature. As I watched people post questions I began to think how I would have replied to those inquiries. Some questions were very interesting and I was looking forward to the response from Well a few days ago they posted a link on facebook to all the answers. Wow was I surprised! Yes there were some great questions and answers, but my surprise was regarding how Phantom Fireworks choose to reply. A few of the answers are flippant or on the verge of rude.  I can understand not wanting to answer a question, but just a few responses like this can really impact the overall perception of a company.  What could have been a great chance to educate and discuss may just turn away future readers and/or customers.  Then again I might be misjudging this based on my marketing background.

Here are a couple of examples from the page.

Jake Buehrer: Will there ever be silver salutes again?

Answer: Silver Salutes are like staying out after midnight, nothing good comes of it. Go read a book.

Ryan Underwood: What happened to the red and blue thunder stickers?

Answer: Thundersticks are a Phantom favorite however they are extinct at Phantom. These items will never be coming back.

One of the other things that surprised me is that you can not find this page from their websites navigation, nor is there a link on twitter that I could see.  The only way to view the answers was from a link on facebook.  True most of the world is on facebook.  However I saw a few people on twitter posting questions, why not give them the link as well.

What do you think?  Does the attitude work for the fireworks buyers?  Am I just reading to much into this?  What would you like to ask Phantom Fireworks?