Fire on Transformers 4 Set

Transformer 4 Fire

100-old-home on Transformers 4 location

Seems like recently we have been reporting on a lot of accidents.  Honestly I would rather be posting fantastic coupons and amazing videos.  This time it was a practical location for the movie Transformers 4.  The location is 100+ year-old home in Austin Texas, which had substantial damage in the attic.  The fire is believed to have started from some embers from pyrotechnics, however that has not been confirmed. Source

Pyrospective Video Review – Reign of Fire

Reign Of Fire

Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Rob Bowman (Director)Rated: PG-13


OK so any movie with a name like Reign of Fire has got to have good pyro.  Its just a given, Reign of Fire = Lots of mind blowing PYRO, right?  Well I had seen Reign of Fire when it came out in July of 2002.  I knew from what I had seen that I had to include a review here.   To make sure I gave it a fair review I wanted to watch it again, and I was not disappointed.  It was even better then I had remembered, at least from a pyro point of view.  The story is good, however the ending is more then a little anticlimactic.

The real gem of Reign of Fire though is in the special features.  Two featureettes give some great details on specific effects, safety, and pyrotechnics in film making. One of the effects they detail is the dripping fire dragon drool. They even go so far as to add subtitles for the ingredients!  Hmm going to have to try and recreate this effect sometime soon!  All considered this a great reference video for any pyro working in film. I would highly recommend adding it to your collection.

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